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    Cambridgeadvances, New Zealand
    This web site was designed by Netspec staff in 2004, a sub-contract from Webstarter in New Zealand.
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    Ethical skincare, vegan skin care, cruelty free, organic, eco friendly and fair trade. This is a contract project from nickandmilly.co.uk in 2009. Netspec was responsible for some programming parts. We encourage you to buy these healthy and natural products from London.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Netspec?
Netspec has several strengths, so could be the right development team that you can trust and rely on if your business is in Australia.

Featured projects

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  • Phonewoa mobile accessories wholesale - HTML 5 pages and Mobile web

Netspec shopping cart

Orange Cart is the fruit of netspec green technologies, the fresh energy for web design and e-commerce websites.

Main functions:
  • Comprehensive and unlimited depth of product categories filtered by dynamic brands and types
  • Product variants with self-defined attributes, e.g., colour, style and anything (new)
  • Handy shopping cart
  • Australia post shipping API (new)
  • Barcode for POS order and stock management
  • Any payment gateways, e.g., Paypal, Credit card merchant accounts
  • Wholesale and retail interfaces