E-commerce process - Netspec Australia

1. Requirement analysis

We carefully collect your requirements, including:

  • The nature of your business
  • The target you need to define

2. Template design


Template contains the following elements:

  • The layout of the home page
  • One inner page

3. Website build

Website build contains the following steps:

  • More detailed graphic design
  • Server side and client side page implementation

4. Content post


The content is ready to post after the whole structure is finished.

The main tasks for content post:

  • Post page contents, including the page of about us, contact us, terms of use, privacy policy, FAQ and so on
  • Build blog categories and post some articles
  • Build product categories
  • Add brands or manufacturers
  • Define product global attributes for product variants
  • Setup product types
  • Upload products including price, title, description, photos and so on

All above tasks are fulfilled by the website owner, the web developer will help to solve any problem may be faced.

5. Search engine optimization

SEO starts from the website build stage, however, we focus on it after the content post is finished.
social network

6. Social network integration


We help you to setup some famous social network business page and place the links or API in the website.

We help to setup the following social network pages and links

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • tumblr
  • pinterest
  • Google+
  • 7. Usability test

    The initial implementation is finished, now the test should be in process to insure all requirements are met.

    The test is conducted by both the website site owner and web developer. The developer will fine-tune the web site once any item in requirement check list is not right.


    8. Promotion


    The harvest days are coming now! The fresh oranges are ready to be shared with the thirsty people. Together with you, we are so exiting!

    We do not only focus on web design and building shopping cart, but also help to promote your business and fresh products.

    Promotion is already considered in every step. In this stage, we just recall some additional promotion services:

    • Install affiliate programs, e.g., Clixgalore
    • Apply ratebe API to post bargains in ratebe bargain section
    • Apply dealhot API to post deals in dealhot site