3 tips to protect your WiFi network

Covid-19 has changed our habits, both in terms of health and digital. Most of us spend more time than usual on our computer, smartphone or tablet. This situation has favored the increase in teleworking, distance learning via videoconferencing, as well as the increase in the use of social networks and streaming platforms. Our use of the internet has increased overall, as has the digital threat. To best protect your data from potential cyber attacks, here are 3 tips for you.

1. How to secure your Internet connection
Most of us use Wi-Fi at home to connect to the internet. It is recommended that you protect your personal connection by changing the default WiFi password by logging into the router’s administration panel to or . Entering a longer password with for example all uppercase letters and numbers arranged at random. A weak passcode is an passcode that is easy to discover and therefore easy to hack. This process allows you to encrypt the data circulating between your devices and your Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. You need to periodically update your passwords
Your date of birth is all too easy to guess. Ditto for that of your father or your dog. For laziness and convenience, we tend to use the same password everywhere and for everything. However, this is a mistake, in fact, it not only weakens the security of our accounts, but also simplifies the work of a hacker. To protect yourself from a cyber attack it is important to update your password regularly (on average every 90 days) to avoid exposing your data to security breaches. If you don’t have the inspiration to create a complex one with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, you can resort to a password manager that will automatically generate it.

3.Set up a VPN
You can always surf the Internet, but how can you not compromise your privacy? It’s simple, just use a VPN! anonymity and security through a logically reserved communication channel (VPN tunnel) and created on top of a public network infrastructure.

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